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Our Story

We Focus on building Strong, Intuitive & Dynamic Solutions.

Roughly 16 years ago, the WebBox (formerly Divine Techies) seed was planted. It was founded by Hitesh Wadhwa, founder and creative director, who took on various projects as a freelancer for friends and friends-of-friends. As projects were completed and the word spread, more and bigger clients came calling.

Drawing on the diverse set of skills that HW accumulated over the years from freelance & full-time work, he is providing out-of-the-box solutions to his clients delivering the best websites, branding, design, and online marketing.

Today, our corporate culture is one of adventure, curiosity, hunger for challenge, and utmost expertise. We look at problems from a very different perspective–where many people see a mountain blocking their path, we see an opportunity to gain the best view. We view every project we take on as a chance to grow and become better professionally and personally. We felt like the name WebBox exemplified this attitude toward life and our work.

WebBox Tech - out of the box solutions
Who We Are

We are curious, fearless, creative, and motivated perfectionists who see an opportunity to define the creative communication landscape in New Delhi, India and beyond.


What We Do

We help you connect with your clients in ways that you have not been able to before through the use of new, engaging ways of online and offline communication. We help you define your company message and develop a brand that resonates with your target market.

We help you build the company that you envision but may not have. We energize your team by aligning them behind a clear message, we connect you to your clients through your website, social media and online marketing, and we put fear in the hearts of your competitors because they know that you have the edge.

What’s Important to Us


For over 16 years we have been working with awesome clients through-out the World to develop websites, digital campaigns, and internet – intranet solutions. Throughout those years we’ve met a lot of great people and formed some valuable relationships.


Without a challenge to conquer, a problem to solve, or the next mountain to climb, we get bored. We strive to challenge ourselves on each project and make it better than the one before while learning something new and adding to our arsenal of business building tools.


This is the foundation of the WebBox creative process. The combination of asking the right questions and listening intently provides a wealth of knowledge that drives the creative process. We sense what our clients want and anticipate their needs even before they do.


We pay crucial attention to even the smallest details in all of our projects. We know that this is what our clients expect and take great pride in being one of the few agencies that can claim industry awards project after project.

Selected Works

We pay crucial attention to even the smallest details in all of our projects. We understand what our customers expects.

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